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We help you explore new use cases of your product in new geographies & markets.

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Work with us to:


Acquire customers for a new product


Test a different use case in a market


Unlock a new geography/market

How we help SaaS teams develop their GTM strategy for a new use case/product/market

1. Marketing Strategy for your experiment

We help you develop channel strategy, & prioritize campaign execution while managing your financial and human resource constraints. Whether it’s industry analysis, discovery calls management or performance measurement of each campaign, we got you covered!

2. Work Breakdown Structure for your experiment

Approaching a new market with a new use case requires seamless coordination of product, marketing and sales. We help you identify, prioritize & execute work tasks for a successful launch of your experiment

3. Sandbox Development

At times, it’s difficult for a business to revamp its entire set of digital properties at once. Before you take a new approach, we develop a sandbox environment for growth experiments. This sandbox allows rapid, agile, and nimble experimentation on positioning, tone, features, use cases, linguistics, structure etc. Upon a successful completion of the experiment, we encourage and assist you to apply those learnings to your parent stack.

Success Stories

See how we have helped other SaaS brands fuel up their growth engine


How we helped Putler 2.1x its MRR in 7 months

Learn how Putler grew its MRR from $7.5k to $15k+ through a consistent focus on demand generation and product analytics.

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How we helped Almabase break-even on paid acquisition within 12 weeks

Learn how Almabase generated a pipeline worth $85k with a spend of ~ $12k within 6 months.


How we helped Appknox generate a pipeline worth $112k within 6 months

Learn how Appknox generated a pipeline worth $112k+ with a spend of ~ $10k within 6 months.


What other SaaS brands are saying


Chaitanya G.

Head of Growth, Appknox

When SaaS Growth Advisory reached out to me in its early days to explore synergies with Appknox, I was a little wary of working with yet another growth company. We had previously invested in Paid Acquisition & ABM, and did not witness any results or ROI. Despite this, I took the chance & they grasped the opportunity.

They launched multiple experimental campaigns aggressively, to test out different use cases and then, scaled the best performing ones. From capturing intent correctly to development of landing pages & funnel analytics, they did everything to deliver results & drive ROI out of ads.

Bringing data to the forefront with their unique approach of blending engineering & marketing is their moat. Discipline by cadence & iterative improvements on top of solid foundations makes them stand out from the rest of the growth folks.


Rushabh S.

Cofounder, Docsumo

When Docsumo started focusing on demand generation, one of our priorities was to leverage Paid Acquisition while we developed strategy for organic growth.

SaaS Growth Advisory did a fantastic job in laying the foundations of paid acquisition for us. Nimble experimentation on multiple channels allowed us to shortlist channels with seemingly good ROI.

Additionally, their high touch collaborative approach helped us in dissecting intent correctly and customizing the traffic journey accordingly.


How we can help you scale your acquisition efforts


Paid Acquisition Management

We fully manage your Paid Search & Paid Social traffic to drive SQL, Opportunity & Customer base growth.


Marketing Automation Stack Development

 We audit your current marketing technology stack, and develop & deploy a better one with analytics & data-driven insights at the core.

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