How we helped Almabase break-even on paid acquisition within 12 weeks

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Almabase wanted to increase its market share in the US via Paid Search and signed up for our Paid Acquisition Management service. 


Value of pipeline generated


# of opportunities generated

3 months

Time to break even


Almabase is a SaaS platform that empowers alumni and community management fraternities in schools, colleges, and universities across the US.


Alumni, Education, Professional Networking, SaaS


Almabase intended to expand in a hyper-specific niche market amidst a sea of growing competition in the US. They wanted to improve their market share and had an existing implementation of paid acquisition strategy. Thus they wanted to scale their Google Ads implementation at a consistent Cost per Lead and CAC.


We started with an audit of their existing paid acquisition strategy and quickly moved on to leveraging their product features. The idea was to roll out multiple campaigns to attract traffic on relevant product pages. 

We went on to roll out campaigns on Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn as part of remarketing and the middle of the funnel engagement strategy.


In order to maximize the ROI, we dissected the traffic intent and propose the development of hyper-specific campaigns and landing pages to customize the entire customer journey and improve the conversion rates.


Almabase managed to acquire a pipeline upwards of $85,000 within 2 quarters, but they also managed to do so at an incredibly efficient CPL of $143.

As a result, Almabase managed to scale Google Ads as a consistent contributor to its pipeline at an efficient CPL and CAC.


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