How we helped Appknox generate a pipeline worth $112k within 6 months



Appknox signed up to our Paid Acquisition Management service and generated a pipeline worth $112k, 35 opportunities - all while they achieved break-even in 3 months.


Value of pipeline generated


# of opportunities generated

3 months

Time to break even


Appknox is a seed-funded mobile vulnerability assessment platform that detects and addresses vulnerabilities in mobile applications. 


Mobile, Security, Software, SaaS


Appknox competes in the mobile security space which is dominated by incumbents such as IBM, Synopsys, Tenable, etc. 

Given the severe competition, Appknox had earlier attempted and failed to generate ROI from paid acquisition channels despite working with multiple reputed agencies in the past.

They were eager to establish Google Ads as an acquisition channel, and generate a healthy pipeline through it. 


We ran a quick analysis on the previous implementation of Google Ads in order to identify the cracks in the process.

We coupled the learnings with powerful secondary research to identify promising campaigns and rolled them out within 3 weeks. 

We set up a daily cadence to iteratively improve the campaigns and ensure good conversion rates, over the next couple of weeks. 

We managed forms, landing pages, creatives, lists, and workflows to ensure CRM data sanity.


For the first time in multiple attempts, Appknox managed to break even on their spending within 3 months. They also generated a healthy pipeline of $112k and registered an incredible 35 enterprise opportunities. 

Thus, Appknox established Google Ads as a consistent, ROI positive acquisition channel. 


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