How we helped Putler 2.1x its MRR in 7 months



Putler aimed to unlock its growth path to eventually scale its MRR to hit $20k. They had limited resources to explore and utilize other channels such as paid acquisition.

# of Trial Users


# of Paid Users


Increment in MRR



Putler enables e-commerce businesses to track, understand and analyze their financial data from sources such as Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, and Bigcommerce to name a few.


Information technology,
E-commerce, SaaS


From $7.5k MRR, Putler wanted to explore paid acquisition channels to hit the $20k MRR mark but did not have the dedicated resources to do so. Apart from a major overhaul of their existing MarTech stack, they also wanted to validate product positioning and identify channels to level up their funnel. 


We started with paid acquisition given that it was underutilized and unexplored. We captured the intent correctly through search ads and rolled out remarketing experiments to push the average number of trial users per month.

Parallelly, we segmented the audience over LinkedIn and Facebook to roll out outbound and social ads experiments. 

Once we had developed a sufficiently wide top of the funnel, we started looking beyond acquisition into the product. We implemented a product analytics framework and integrated data from marketing, product, and CRM to gain a full-funnel view of the business. 


Putler successfully incremented its MRR by 2.1x in 7 months and is on its way to hit $20k MRR.

In the process, they increased their number of trial users by 194%, and number of paid users by 200%.

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